Modular in design, office pods and booths create a diverse space for networking, connecting and for collaborating with co-workers and clients.

With the increased use of mobile technology in the workplace, we now have the flexibility to move away from the desk to work, however with the introduction of new agile working offices we have the increasing need for flexible working, privacy and acoustic solutions.

Office Pods and booths provide a unique, versatile space solution, perfect for meetings, training, breakout and private phone-calls.

Workplace booths / soft seating:

Booths are often designed and shaped to enclose the users which naturally prevents the travelling of sound from inside the booth. Offering style, comfort and flexibility, work place booths and soft seating  are perfect for creating reception areas, occasional meeting spaces, collaboration and breakout zones.

Modular in design, booths and soft seating and can be easily relocated or reconfigured should the workspace need to change.

Workplace pods:

Office pods provide increased acoustic benefits and are often used within leased or rented premises as the demountable structure benefits from little or no fixings, providing a feeling of a private flexible room, within a room, perfect for meetings, calls, training and everyday work.

Work place pods vary in design depending on the requirement of the space with glazed pods offering a modern looking open space similar to that of a glazed partition, but without the need to be fixed.


  • Sliding or normal door openings
  • Open or closed ceiling top
  • Lighting
  • Air circulation
  • Modular furniture including seating, tables and accessories

Workspace podsbooths and soft seating provide a space where you can be productive and relaxed! Get in touch if you would like further information or a free workspace consultation


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