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Many hours are spent in the workplace boardroom with many big decisions being made around the table, so it’s important to choose furniture that's flexible and comfortable, and that will create the best impression of your business.

The size and shape of your table will largely depend on the seating requirements and of course the size of your boardroom. Conventional rectangular and boat- shaped desks are still popular and are available in many sizes with the ability to add integrated power and data solutions or interchangeable sections. Circular and oval tables provide more space for people to sit around due to the smaller footprint of the table.

Once you’ve made the decision about the shape of the table that will best suit your meeting room space, now it’s time to chose the finish. There are many choices available in the marketplace including classic and elegant, modern and bright or simple and contemporary – consider what will best represent your business and corporate brand.

It’s also worth considering your boardroom budget. Tables made from MDF are strong and affordable but for a more luxurious finish, there are lots of real wood veneers including Oak, Ebony, and Walnut.

For a professional sleek look, glass table tops can make quite a statement and are a great way of turning a bland boardroom into a modern and unique meeting space. Additionally, glass can help create the impression of space and can make a room feel much bigger.

Bespoke boardroom tables can be designed from scratch to meet the brand of your business. From contrasting wood finishes, centre inlays or cable management solutions, a bespoke boardroom table can incorporate a wide range of finishing touches to help create a unique meeting room.

To create a co-ordinated look, your boardroom table should be complimented by matching boardroom chairs. Quality leather chairs will offer comfort and provide a luxurious feel whilst adding a touch of class to your meeting room space. However, if you would like quality without the price tag, faux leather chairs made from a synthetic fabric such as vinyl would be a budget saving solution.

Upholstered fabric chairs are equally as stylish and comfortable and are an affordable solution for any meeting room and boardroom.

Lastly, don’t forget complimentary storage and media wall units all available in a selection of materials and finishes.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose what’s right for your business or would like to discuss your ideas and requirements we have consultants available to assist! Contact us today and take advantage of our free planning and design service and workplace consultations.


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