Hot desking is an increasing popular solution within the business community, with the benefits of better use of space and savings in financial costs.

But is it always the best solution?

How do you get over the desk share scenario when most workers see their desk and chair as their personal possession and how do you choose a chair that suits all?

If your considering a hot desk refurbishment it maybe worth considering the following:

1. Clutter Free Space. Enforce a clear desk policy, with good office storage solutions every pen, notepad and office file can be safely stored away.

2. Portable storage. If your team will be consistently moving desks, it will be well worth investing in portable drawer storage which can be easily transported and when not in use will be safe and secure.

3. Ergonomic Desking. Height adjustable desking is an extremely comfortable solution and has been proven to be a healthier alternative to a more everyday office desks.

4. Desktop Space. Consider how much shared desktop will be required. Will your team be using a fixed screen or a laptop (or maybe both)?

5. Office Chairs. When selecting chairs consider adjustability, this needs to include arms, lumbar support, seat tilt and back height.

6. Encourage flexibility. If your team divides their time between home and the office, it will have a great reduction of daily office space requirements and overall costs to your business.

For further advice, MACOI Limited offer free work place consultations and space planning services. Contact Us today and we will help get the best from your work space.


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