Breakout zones are a popular addition to many modern UK workplaces.

Cleverly designed communal break out areas can be used in a number of ways which can encourage interaction and team building as well as providing a sanctuary for employees to break away from their desks.

When thinking about “where’ your breakout area should be located, think about all the aspects that will affect the area, taking into consideration the noise levels, furniture function as well as interior schemes. By providing a table with seating you can create an area for informal meetings and if you’re not restricted by space, a booth for lone working or one-to-one private discussions could be the ideal solution. Soft seating and coffee tables will additionally offer an area for interaction.

By using funky modern furniture finished in vibrant colours and finishes you can create a zone that will inspire your team. Alternatively, if your staff require a more relaxing and tranquil area away from their desks, the use of neutral colours with comfy sofas will offer a pleasant retreat.

If you will be conducting private discussions or meetings in your breakout area you may need to consider acoustic screening to ensure your discretion and minimal disruption.

To view a range of breakout solutions, contact us for a showroom appointment or alternatively request a free workplace consultation with complimentary space planning service.


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