The majority of us will spend more time at work than at home and often a large proportion of this is spent sitting at our desks. With this in mind, did you realise poor quality seating can lead to discomfort, decreased productivity, bad posture and chronic back pain?

Investing in quality office seating provides instant reward, but with so many options on the market how can you ensure you are making the right choice?

The following ‘Top 10’ tips are suggestions to help you and your team sit more comfortably:

1. Chair seat height should be easily adjustable upward and downward, allowing for users of all heights.

2. Seat padding should be soft enough to allow even distribution of pressure but not so soft that movement is restricted.

3. The chair seat should have a waterfall front so it doesn’t impinge the back of thighs and sized appropriately.

4. The backrest should be padded and have a lumbar support area which is adjustable in height.

5. The backrest should be able to tilt backwards or at an angle and can be locked into position.

6. When present, arm rests should be adjustable and be removable.

7. Upholstery fabric should prevent sliding and dissipate heat and moisture.

8. The chair adjustments should be achievable while in the seated position.

9. The chair should have a five prolonged base for stability, with castors that provide appropriate mobility for the floor surface.

10. The chair should be capable of a neutral (level) position, plus tilting and locking in a forward and backward slope.

If you would like any further advice or think you would benefit from a chair assessment to help find the best match chair for you, please get in touch to arrange an appointment at your convenience: Tel: 01480 869001 Email:


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