What is the cost to your business due to staff absences?

The biggest cost for many businesses is their employees.
Wages, salaries and commission structures account for up to a staggering 90% and naturally, businesses need to achieve the best return on their substantial investment.

Employee health, motivation and retention should be treated as important factors in commercial success.

Statistical findings show for many UK workers over 45% of our waking hours are spent at the office so it’s never been more important to create spaces that our modern, inspiring and innovative and which promote positive health and wellbeing.

Health problems associated with VDU work (which can result in short- or long-term sick leave) include upper limb disorders, back pain, fatigue, stress, temporary eye strain and headaches, all of which can be overcome by completing a comprehensive Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment for each individual and acting on all of the findings.

A detailed assessment can help solve a number of issues including:

  • Workloads
  • Left- or right-handed people
  • Injuries & disabilities
  • Pregnancy
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Air conditioning

Ergonomic Office Furniture - Height Adjustable Desks and Ergonomic Chairs

Optimising Your Office – Office furniture can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the workplace and encourage efficient working.

Ergonomic Office Furniture - Height Adjustable Desks and Ergonomic Chairs
The health and well-being of your employees is key to a proactive team, but to purchase the right ergonomic furniture it's important to understand the needs and requirements of your team.

You have a duty to your team to organise training and provide relevant solutions including:

  1. Regular breaks
  2. Adequate lighting
  3. Anti-glare solutions
  4. Distracting noise minimised
  5. Legroom and clearances to allow postural changes
  6. Appropriate Software
  7. The correct ergonomic chair, desk and accessories

Employees will be using office chairs and desks for long hours each week so the ergonomic design of office furniture should provide maximum comfort and the correct posture and support for the shoulders, neck and spinal cord, which in turn will improve productivity and efficiency, whilst ultimately reducing the amount staff sick leave taken.

By creating an aesthetic and inspiring workplace can keep an employee remain focused and associated with his or her work. At MACOI Ltd our furniture and interior refurbishment experts have valued experience in developing design solutions and supplying an extensive range of ergonomic furniture to support a host of different working styles and industries.

Contact us today to discuss how your workplace can be optimised to encourage improved productivity.

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