With the increase of flexible working arrangements and modern remote technologies more and more employees are working from home offices.

As an employer, it’s important you don’t overlook your responsibility to your employees to ensure home work spaces meet good ergonomic standards.

We strongly believe if you look after the welfare of your team, they will benefit from improved productivity and a happier working environment which will lead to fewer sick days and an improvement in the overall performance of your company.

Here are our tips on how to set up a safe and productive home office:

1. Invest in good furniture

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can put extra stress and strain on your spinal structure, which can lead to and inflame existing back problems. The combination of ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic office desks and ergonomic office accessories will promote better posture, giving your body the balance and support it needs.

When choosing the right ergonomic office chair or desk make sure you take the following into consideration:

• Height and backrest adjustability

• You need to be able to swivel / rotate freely

• Suitable seat width and depth to allow you to get full support without the seat edge pushing into the back of your legs

• A 5 star base will provide stability

• Adjustable armrests (if required)

• Good padding for comfort

A good ergonomic office chairs is a necessity in any workspace, but be aware, not every chair on today’s market place is ergonomic! Here at MACOI we offer a ‘try before you buy’ service, with fully stocked showrooms in Cambridge and Ipswich. Additionally, we provide work place DSE assessments to ensure the perfect chair match for every shape and build.

Top Tip: Learn how to adjust your chair. We are amazed by how many people we meet who don’t fully understand how their chair and its functions work.

2. Provide good lighting

Any office whether it’s at home or at your workplace should have good lighting which is evenly lit without shadows.

Top Tip: You can improve lighting by simply adding an extra desk lamp but make sure the bulb itself is covered and is kept out of your line of view.

3. Desktop space – it needs to be big enough!

If you’re desktop space is limited, it’s a good idea to hang your screen on a suitable monitor arm which can be easily adjusted. As a guide, the screen should hang about an arm’s length away, with the top of the screen level with your forehead.

Top Tip: Your desk should be approximately 800 mm deep (front to back) for comfortable screen viewing and your desktop doesn’t need to be any thicker than around 30mm.

4. Keep it tidy! Good storage solutions

Top Tip: Put the most-used things closest to you, and consider mobile drawer units which can be moved around according to your best seated position.

From wooden filing cabinets and cupboards, to side opening tambours and open bookcases, all options are available in a range of colours, sizes, styles and finishes to suit your office interior.

5. Encourage regular breaks

From the muscles which manage your eyes to the muscles that support your neck and back - it’s good to remember they all need movement!

Top Tip: Get up and move about regularly, whether it’s a comfort break, a daily exercise or just to get some fresh air, it’s important to keep mobile to stay focussed and productive.

Creating a space that’s both functional and inspiring takes more than just the right furniture, that’s why we provide a complete space planning and design solution to help make the most of any work environment. To arrange a consultation, please contact Tel: 01480 869001 or Email: enquiries@macoi.co.uk


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