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  • White i-stand, height adjustable desk accessory.
  • Black i-Stand, height adjustable desk accessory

If you haven’t heard already, Sit-Stand desks are one of this year’s workplace must-haves!

This revolutionary style of desk is fully adaptable from sitting to standing positions and boasts great health benefits including improvement in posture and assistance to burn calories while you work.

Did you know the human body is not designed to sit in a chair for long periods?

As humans, we evolved to be standing, and we’re sure you will agree, after being sat at your desk hidden behind your computer screen for long periods of time, stretching and standing can be a great relief to our body and mind.

The facts: “The less we move, the less blood sugar our body uses; research shows that for every two hours spent ‘sitting’ per day, your chance of contracting diabetes increases. Our risk for heart disease goes up too because enzymes that keep blood fats in check are inactive.”

Here at MACOI we are able to supply a comprehensive range of sit-stand desking and tables suitable for every environment (view some of our range here); however, if your budget is limited and you would like to reap the health benefits an adjustable desk could bring, then you should take a look at our NEW tabletop solution!

Our i-stand desk accessory has the ability to easily convert any standard desk into a sit-stand desk. The user can easily adjust screen height separately to keyboard height without tools – just instantly slide up or down. This enables the user to easily keep the screens at the correct eye level whether sitting or standing – and in our books, is the perfect solution for users to benefit from health and productivity gains along with a monitor arm at a fraction of the cost.

Further i-stand benefits include:
• Full tilt and swivel control
• Available in black and white
• Move screen and platform individually
• No tools required to adjust

If you would like to discuss your own sit-stand requirements further, please get in touch, and one of our account managers will be happy to provide advice or a personal quotation to suit your needs.

We look forward to helping you improve your health!

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