The decision to relocate your business can be quite a scary prospect. To help, we have compiled a guide full of helpful advice and tips to ensure your office move goes smoothly and hassle free.

Stage 1

If you are leasing your current building check your contractual obligations and ensure notice is provided if required as part of your agreement.

Stage 2

So you have made the decision to relocate, the next step will be to compile a list of what your new premises needs to offer. A clear understanding from the start will ensure you get the space required in the location best suited to your business.

Things we suggest you include in your relocation list are:

  • Where is the desired new location – geographical area
  • How much space do you need? Do you require office space, warehouse space, customer areas? (Don’t forget to allow room for future expansion)
  • When would you like to move?

Stage 3

To help ensure a successful move we advise you choose a office fitout team with experience and expertise.

Your chosen partner will be able to offer a “move service” as well as providing advice, space planning and the supply of additional or new furniture.

By working with experienced industry professionals your office move will go ahead on time, to budget and with minimal disruption to your everyday business.

Good office move experts will be able to co-ordinate the design and fit-out of your new offices (this may include using your existing furniture) as well as migrating IT and data, business machines and archives.

Stage 4

At stage 4, we suggest making a budget spread-sheet. This will allow you to keep on top of your relocation costs and ensure you keep to your dedicated budget. Make sure you keep this budget spreadsheet updated, this will ensure you can negotiate or review your costs at anytime.

Stage 5

Ensure you seek legal advice before signing a new lease/rental agreement. Your solicitor will highlight any potential liabilities or responsibilities.

Stage 6

Good communication is paramount to a successful office move. Make sure you keep all employees updated and informed regularly. This will help keep morale high whilst keeping the team motivated.

One sure thing we have learnt whilst being involved in many of our clients office moves is good communication and the regular consultancy and involvement with the team will help to make them less likely to be resilient to change!

Stage 7

Use your project planning documents, templates and checklists to help you plan the office move, but also act as your guide to carry out the many tasks involved with the project. Make sure you delegate individuals, teams or business partners and make sure they are fully aware of your expectations as well as your deadlines.

Stage 8

Why not take advantage of the pending office move and clear out everything you don’t need. At stage 8, we also recommend you review your workplace suppliers. The office move will naturally encourage the review or transferring of office and telecom supplier contracts.

Stage 9

The relocation of your workplace will be a good opportunity to communicate to your clients. To encourage customer retention make sure you keep everyone informed and aware of your change over date and the intention to continue with your successful working relationship.

If you would like to discuss your future office move, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced sales team on: 01480 869001 or email:

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