We understand it can be a complex task creating and maintaining an inspirational and organised classroom environment, so we’ve put together some handy hints to help you create the perfect learning environment for the new academic year.

1. Use effective storage solutions

Chaotic, unbalanced and disorderly environments can often make you and your students feel unsettled, however you can’t expect to maintain an organised classroom if you haven’t got the correct or adequate storage facilities.

Hint 1 – Everything should have its place!
It’s important to have a home for everything, from writing instruments, exercise books to personal belongings including lunch boxes and coats. Everything should be stored neatly and tidy to create a clutter free environment.

Here at MACOI we have a vast array of storage solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes including tray units, stationery cupboards, desk storage pedestals, bookcases and filing units.

2. Keep on top of your administration

We appreciate that a teacher’s job isn’t just about the teaching and marking of homework!

Hint 2: Maintain order in your study space!
A good filing system will help organise, store away and keep safe your important lesson plans, reports, risk assessments, test sheets, resource materials and student records.

The best filing systems are always going to be personal to you. We can offer many styles of filing solutions from filing cabinets, archive units and storage cabinets, in a full range of finishes including metal and wooden, lockable and fireproof.

3. Is your educational furniture layout effective?

A proper selection of educational furniture and equipment plays an important role in creating an effective, high performance learning environment.

Every classroom is unique to the room layout, the position of windows and doors and lighting will all influence and impact on the way you teach and students learn.

Hint 3: In an ideal world, classroom furniture should be light and mobile giving you the flexibility to rearrange your learning environment to suit your lesson plan whether it’s in traditional rows, clusters or horseshoe table formations.

Some questions to consider are:

  • For effective interaction, can you see the faces of every student, and can they see you?
  • If you’re using a board or interactive wall, can everyone see it clearly without obstructions?
  • Can the students see each other?
  • Can you move around the room easily?

We believe classroom dynamics can improve dramatically when you have the flexibility to change the layout. By experimenting and seeing what works best for you and your students is something that you may want to take into consideration at the lesson planning stage.


4. Choosing effective furniture

A proper selection of educational furniture and equipment plays an important role in creating an effective, high performance learning environment.

Hint 4: Utilising existing areas and using different sizes, shapes and colours can make the classroom become a brighter and inspiring area.

At MACOI, we stock a vast range of educational tables, desks, benching, storage, seating, dining and breakout furniture which can help transform existing spaces creating a fun, interactive, collaborative learning environment.

To request a catalogue, or an onsite consultation, please get in touch and one of our experienced and friendly account managers will be happy to assist with any questions or requirements you may have.



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