Hide Acoustic Pod - Created for peace and quiet

In today’s changing market place, acoustic furniture is in high demand especially in noisy workplaces and busy public areas.

The Hide Acoustic Pod is designed for single use and is ideal to be used as a private quiet place to make a call, check emails or to read a book, perfect for busy workers, students, visitors and shoppers. Built with powerful sound reduction properties, the Hide Acoustic Pod also shields you from visual distractions.

In fulfilling these key functions, it is supremely comfortable, with a webbed seat and contoured soft foam back. There is the choice of a static or swivel base, to change its position.


  • Noise cancelling design created for high traffic areas
  • Optional power and USB charge for static models
  • Can be upholstered in any fabric or faux leather
  • Comfortable webbed seat with soft foamed back

The competitively priced social pod can be used in colleges, universities, workplaces, showrooms, libraries, waiting rooms and airport lounges.

For a no obligation quotation or to find out more about the Hide Acoustic Pod please get in touch

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