A professional and well designed home office will help to inspire and motivate the user and give the feeling of “being at work” from the comfort of their own home. 

Research shows the most important factors for a home worker is comfort, practicality and above all furniture to suit existing décor. A productive home office setup could consist of a standalone desk and chair to a fully fitted desk with storage solution offering character and colour.

With the lack of space in most homes, many home working areas are setup in a converted spare room, which is quite often the smallest room of the house.

As well as providing a complete planning and design service, MACOI are able to offer some tips to help make your own small office feel bigger.

1. A feature wall, picture or wall art will help create a focal point for the room.

2. By adding a large mirror it can create the illusion that the room feels larger than it actually is by reflecting the opposite plain wall.

3. Oversized lamps, sofa’s and accessories can actually have the opposite effect giving a focus to the viewer and helping give the appearance the space is bigger then it actually is.

4. By sticking to a simplistic furniture color like white or a glass option will make the room flow seamlessly, engaging the viewer whilst providing the user with an uplifting and inspirational working space.

If you need any home office advice, whether it be space planning or product selection please get in touch with our experienced team at MACOI today Contact Us

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