Choosing the right filing cabinet for your workplace is key to creating an effective method of organisation and storage.

Filing cabinets are a no fuss effective storage solution for files and documents available in wide range of styles and finishes including metal and wooden to suit many commercial and home requirements.

When choosing the best filing cabinet solution for your needs, consider what features are important;

  • Number of drawers
  • Security / Lockable
  • Fireproof
  • Anit-tilt
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Moveable

A vertical filing cabinet is a great space-saving solution for any workspace. The important benefit of this style of storage is that files are stored upward and will help to maximize limited floor space whether you work in a small compact space to a large open place office.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets protect your vital business documents against fire damage for anything from 30 minutes to over an hour, limiting the temperature inside the cabinet to below 177 degrees centigrade, the temperature at which paper will ignite. 

Most businesses can never have enough storage, but with careful planning you can maximise your space with minimal cost. To discuss your storage needs, please get in touch with our sales team or visit our well stocked showroom.


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