Have you heard the saying “tidy desk, tidy mind”?

With the introduction of flexible agile working areas in many office spaces, it’s important to introduce a clean desk policy, but how do you introduce a clutter-free office and ensure it works?

Organised desks will help create a positive impression to clients visiting your office and if your team are hot desking a clear desk space will prevent private or sensitive documents being read or data being leaked to colleagues.

If you want your team to follow a clear desk policy, its a good idea to make your instruction crystal clear!
Write a policy or add a statement to your company handbook, either way to prevent confusion make sure your requirements are clear and your team understand why you want to implement the new rule.

To ensure your new clear desk policy works, make sure you lead by example! You will also need to state when you expect the desk to be clear… lunchtime or/and when your staff leave work for the day.

If you’re making the stand for a clearer office, it’s a good idea to think about changing to a paperless office or provide a good office shredder to help reduce paper usage.

If you want your staff to stay tidy, make sure you consider their storage requirements and ensure they have enough space for all their personal belongings, files and documents.

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