You’ve got a concept, created a brand and rented some office space – now it’s time to furbish your new work space!

The thought of refurbishing your office can seem a daunting task but if you stick to our basic guide you can ensure your new business space will be cost effective and ready for growth.

1st step – get organised!

Don’t rush to buy your new furniture. To ensure you maximise your new work space it’s a good idea to invite an office furniture advisor to supply space designs for your new business area. A good space designer will be able to recommend furniture to suit your space, business and budget whilst considering important factors like acoustics, personal storage and agile working spaces.

2nd Step – budget

When planning your new office business start-up, cash flow is likely to be quite tight. By having a fixed budget in mind, you will limit ‘impulse buys’ and will ensure you keep on top of your spending.

3rd Step - Suitability

Your new office furniture needs to be durable, comfortable and practical as you will be spending a lot of time at your desk in the forthcoming months. It’s a good idea to try different chairs and choose a seat that is best suited to you and your team taking into consideration any special back care requirements.

It’s important to choose desking and storage that will provide adequate space to house computer equipment or laptops, files, papers and anything your team need on a day to day basis.

4th Step - Making the right impression

Your office says a lot about your business. Creating the right impression with visitors and new clients is an important factor for any business. Your furniture style should strongly represent your brand and in turn provide a professional look and feel of confidence for anyone meeting you at your new office.

5th Step - Future growth

Once you have your start up business launched and your business grows you may need to consider taking on new staff. When planning your new office, you will need to consider where your team will sit and work. Open plan spaces are becoming increasing popular as it encourages creativity and communication, along with space efficiency. Modular furniture will give you the flexibility to add to your selected furniture, whilst benching will give a cheaper adjustable footprint while looking stylish and retaining value.

MACOI Ltd can help space design your project, help with interior enhancements and supply quality office furniture from many of the largest UK manufacturers. Get in touch with us and we will help you create the perfect start up business workspace at a price you can afford – Tel: 01480 869001

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