Did you know armrests on your office chair can help to reduce the strain on the shoulders and can minimise associated neck pain?

Research shows a chair without arms can encourage users to sit in a slouched or perched position which can lead to added pressure on the spine, resulting in back tension and unnecessary pain.

The addition of a suitable armrest to your workplace chair can help provide a level of needed support, encouraging you to sit with your arms close to your side, shoulders relaxed and ensuring both your forearms are supported.

A height adjustable arm is a good universal solution that will meet most people’s needs in the office environment with benefits including vital support and ease of getting in and out of the chair easily.

MACOI can provide you with the ergonomic solutions to help you sit more comfortably, from a simple checklist to an onsite chair audit we’re always on hand to help. For further details, please get in touch: enquiries@macoi.co.uk or Tel: 01480 869001


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