April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you overcome the feeling of stress in the workplace.

Movement and exercise

We’re not suggesting you perform an exercise routine in the middle of the office, however we do recommend a walk around the premises, which will not only give you an opportunity to stretch your legs but it will also get the blood pumping around your body which is proven to help your physical health and help reduce your general stress levels.

Healthy Eating

We’re all guilty of reaching for high calorie and sugary treats when we’re feeling down or stressed, but by swapping the junk food at lunchtime and opting for a healthier option, will help you feel more energised and can make you feel physically better and in turn have a positive impact on reducing stress.

Take a break

When stress levels are high, all we really want to do is run away and hide from the situation and all though this is not always possible when you’re at work, its still a good idea to take short breaks away from your desk, especially if you’re getting overpowered by the feelings of stress and anxiety as it will help clear the mind and calm the situation.

Escape with the sound of music!

Music is a great form of escapism from the noise and stress around you. Why not put in your headphones and play your favorite tunes or opt for relaxing and soothing natural sounds like the sound of waves, raindrops or panpipes.

A problem shared, is a problem halved

Forming positive relationships and talking through issues with your colleagues can help you relieve the feeling of stress.

And lastly, remember in the midst of any stressful situation, relax, take a deep breath and take it step by step.


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