Liberate your office

Office space can quickly succumb to too much clutter, and a poor layout can lead to excessive noise that disrupts productivity.

At MACOI, we can help you declutter and restore peace to your environment. We think it makes sound business sense.

File with style

The paperless office may remain the aspiration, but for most businesses hard copy filing is still the storage method of choice. We know that choosing the right filing solutions can optimise space, and create an efficient workplace.

Our team will take the time to understand your storage needs to recommend the filing solution that suits.

Whether it’s mobile storage, floor to ceiling shelving or even something made to measure, we have a solution to fit every space.

Bringing harmony to your business

With open plan offices and agile working paving the way for the modern workplace, it can be difficult to find the balance between good communication and unwanted noise.

That’s why our acoustic engineer is always listening for solutions, from creating privacy to talk and think, to providing meeting space which prioritises discussion over distraction.

We will carefully measure noise levels in each area and come up with recommendations to reduce problem noise. Try us – we’re (quietly) confident that we can help!


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